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Median UI 1.5 Redesign Blogger Template Free Download


Hi Everybody, Welcome to techyjeeshan.xyz. in this post i will share with you Median ui 1.5 Redesign Premium Blogger Template For Free. Median Ui Redesign is an elegant look and Fast Loading Redesign Premium Blogger Template for Blogger. I will give this theme for free without any cost. This is a gift for my dear visitors. Someone tell me that to upload Median ui 1.5 Redesign Blogger Template. This Template is used by theforyou.online . This template have a dark mode button which make the template more beautiful and a Lazy Load images features with Amazing loading icon. Users can earn a lot of money via Median Ui Redesign Blogger theme. Because its have a Safelink option. In median ui redesign Blogger Template, you can bring a lot of traffic by beautiful design.

You used this theme in your Blog's Subdomain for creating shortlink and also you use in main blog where is auto source link is worked. This theme is designed with Jagodesain.

Last Updated :

v.1.5.0 (05 October 2021)

  • Added: Golden Svg Icon - 
  • Changed: with Premium Js Script - 
  • Added: Google Translate Widget -
  • Added: Speedy Safelink -
  • Added: Some CSS -

We are share content only for testing purpose and to help those who didn't afford money to buy, its not for commercial use. Please, If you think that it's working fine and have money then we highly recommend you to buy it from Jagodesain. Because they have worked very hard to make it. If you are the owner of this content and you have problem with this then, Mail us[Contact Email- jeeshanhasan786@gmail.com], We will remove it as soon as Possible.

Features Of Median ui Redesign Blogger Template are given below in number of lines —

  1. Responsive Design.
  2. SEO Friendly.
  3. Fast Loading.
  4. Adsense Friendly.
  5. Dark Mode.
  6. Lazy Load image.
  7. Adsense Friendly.
  8. Ads Optimized.
  9. Fixed Sidebar.
  10. Fast Loaded.
  11. Safelink option.
  12. Share Buttons.
  13. Google Translate Widget.
  14. Special image Loading icon.
  15. 99% Speed in Google PageSpeed Insights.
  16. Support Blogger Theme Designer Features.
  17. No Copyright.
  18. More..

Download Median ui 1.5 Redesign Premium Blogger Template Without any cost only on theforyou.online Demo and download button



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