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CM2 FAST CHECK V0.39rc3:

CM2 FAST is a Small Free Tool From CM2 infinity support, its have Lots of Free Features allow users to Factory Reset any MTK, Qualcomm device, Remove FRP locks, Remove Huawei ID, Unlock/Relock Bootloader etc. Bypass AUTH protection any MTK device Unlock Pattern, Remove FRP Locks from any device.

CM2 FAST CHECK V0.39rc3:

FAST CHECK Features:

Format Factory

Remove FRP

Erase FRP Samsung / Huawei

Safe Format Data

Backup OEM (Huawei)

Erase Mi Cloud TAM

Restore OEM (Huawei Devices)

Erase NV (Baseband)


Unlock / Relock Bootloader

Read Dump Preloader

Backup Dump Boot

Remove Demo (Oppo, Vivo, Realme)

Bypass Auth MTK Devices.

Fast Check V0.39:

Qualcomm FRP:

  • Samsung Qcom port
  • Samsung FRP Reset
  • Samsung FRP Reset
  • LG Factory Reset
  • Huawei Factory Reset
  • Google Pixel 3a XL Unlock

CM2 FAST CHECK V0.39rc3:

Others Features:

ADB Driver
Reboot Samsung to download
Samsung ADB enables Test
Device manager
Scan Port (Com)
Samsung ADB Enable
Samsung FRP Reset 2022
Samsung Change CSC

CM2 FAST CHECK V0.39rc3:

CM2 Free Tool Download.

CM2 FASTCHECK New Tool Free,

Cm2 MTK Crack.


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