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Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update FRP Remove

Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update FRP Remove

About Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update:

Marvel Tool V6.1 is a free Android tool support multi Brands with lot of function for android devices, its support Bypass MTK Bootrom mode, Qualcomm lot of function are supported, it support Bypass FRP Via MTP Mode, Enable Diag Mode etc.

Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm:

Marvel  Features ADB Mode:

Factory Reset (Method 2)

Fix wirless test assistant

Backup All Apps

Reset EFS (MI)

Backup APK (In App Manager)

Send Any File To Device (In Adb Extra)

Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update:

Marvel  Features MTK:

Vivo Remove Demo (In MTK Main)

Add Bypass Auth In MTK Flash

Add Manual Format Address In MTK Address

Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update

Marvel Tool V6.1 Qualcomm Update:


Support New Models:

Realme X3

Oppo A53

Oppo A74

Oppo F17

Support New Models By CPU:


















MSM8x10 #2

Add Advanced Flash [Flash more than one partition in same time,

Add Multi Flash [Flash more than one xml in flash mode,

Marvel Tool V6.1 Big Update:

Marvel Tool Apple Features:

Add Exit Dfu Mode

Enter Sleep Mode

Restart IDevice

Shutdown IDevice

Flash IPSW Firmware:

#Supported To IOS 12.5.5 Only

#Flash Via Upgrade Mode Or Restore Mode

Note: “Restore Mode Will Erase All Data”

Support Auto Download IPSW.

Marvel Tool V6.1:

Marvel Tool SPD:

Add Flash Pac Firmware

Add MTP Frp Browser

Add Extract OnePlus Ops Firmware

Add Extract LG Kdz, Dz Firmware

Add Extract Samsung Tar, Md5 Firmware

Add Extract Huawei Update.App Firmware

Add Frp EDL 9008 Mode For Samsung Devices.


MIRROR:: Userupload | AndroidFilehost | AndroidHost | Google Drive

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