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Terms and Conditions for Jnt Insurance Fees

Terms and Conditions for Jnt Insurance Fees – Not only insurance for individual interests, now there are also types of insurance applied to companies. 

An example is jnt insurance. Jnt Company provides goods insurance services to consumers who use its services. What is JNT insurance like and what are the terms and conditions for JNT insurance costs? Here's the discussion.

Definition of Jnt Insurance Costs

Before reviewing Jnt insurance costs, we will first know what Jnt insurance is. Jnt Insurance is an additional service provided by Jnt to guarantee and provide protection for goods sent using Jnt services. 

This service provides protection against the risk of damage to goods during shipping, goods not arriving, or even lost goods. Jnt will be responsible for these risks in accordance with the provisions contained in the Jnt insurance policy.

Jnt insurance costs are a number of costs incurred by Jnt service users in order to get protection for the goods he sends. The amount of insurance costs varies for each item. It depends on the value of the item. To be clear, the following are the terms and conditions of Jnt insurance costs and how to calculate them.

Terms and Conditions for Jnt Insurance Fees

Jnt insurance is not required for all types of goods. However, Jnt insurance is mandatory for goods that have a price value of 10 times the shipping cost. 

For example, an item is subject to shipping costs of Rp. 13,000, and the price of the item is Rp. 130,000. Then the goods must use Jnt insurance. Because the value is 10 times the amount of postage. 

The Jnt party will be responsible for goods that experience the risk of delay, damage, and loss caused by the negligence of the Jnt. Damage originating from the negligence of the sender is not the responsibility of Jnt.

Protection in the form of compensation when the goods experience the risk of delay, damage, and loss must include evidence of negligence by Jnt. Get in the habit of documenting goods before they are sent using an expedition service. 

For the provisions of JNT insurance costs, namely: the amount of insurance costs max. Rp. 1 million, document insurance costs a maximum of Rp. 100 thousand, the amount of compensation for damaged or lost goods is a maximum of Rp. 20 million, and the cost of compensation for damaged or lost documents is max. 2 million.

How to calculate Jnt Insurance Costs

Next, how to calculate Jnt insurance costs? It's very easy. You can calculate the cost of Jnt insurance by using the formula 0.2% of the invoice fee or item price. 

For example, you will send goods with a value of IDR 1 million, the calculation is 0.2% x IDR 1 million + IDR 5 thousand (handling fee Jnt) = IDR 7,000 . From this calculation, it means that for goods that have a value of Rp. 1 million, a shipping fee of Rp. 7 thousand will be charged.

How to Claim Jnt Insurance Fee

f after sending the goods you run a risk such as damaged or lost goods. You can immediately file an insurance claim to get benefits in the form of compensation. How to claim Jnt insurance costs? Here's the procedure. 

Not all parties can make a claim. The only party who can submit a Jnt insurance claim is the shipper. Prepare several documents such as photo evidence of goods, invoices, receipt numbers, and photos before packing, as well as identity and proof of insurance. 

Submit a claim to Jnt through the nearest office or call center. Submissions should not be more than 3 days from the time the package was received. That's the discussion about the Terms and Conditions for Jnt Insurance Fees, hopefully it's useful.

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